Training Scholarships

Jennifer L. Sebena Memorial Training Scholarship

The Wisconsin Association of Women Police, in conjunction with the Wauwatosa Peace Officers Association, is proud to provide a $200 scholarship to a WAWP member for financial assistance to attend the 2020 Training Conference. We are honored to receive this support from the WPOA in Officer Sebena’s name so that her service and sacrifice shall always be remembered.

Requirements:* WAWP Member * Not a board member * Registered for the 2020 Training Conference * Attendee paid out of pocket for all or portions of conference attendance.

Jennifer Sebena Memorial Scholarship funds will serve to reimburse out-of-pocket attendance and/or hotel fees up to $200. The scholarship winner will be picked randomly at the conference. Only attendees who have out-of-pocket expenses for the conference are eligible for up to but not exceeding $200 reimbursement. If the winner of the scholarship does not meet $200 in reimbursable funds, the surplus amount will be transferred to the student scholarship fund.

Marcie Repta Memorial Training Scholarship

WAWP Trustee Marcie Repta enjoyed training and networking with WAWP members. Marci’s friends and family would like to honor her by offering 2 training conference scholarships. This will include conference registration fee, single room hotel, and a $25 gas card.

The scholarships will be awarded to an active duty female law enforcement officer and a retired female law enforcement officer who is a mentor to members of WAWP.

To apply, fill out application and follow the instructions on how to send it in. The application deadline is November 30, 2019.