Service Awards

2023 WAWP

Award Nominations

The Wisconsin Association of Women Police Board of Trustees is accepting nominations for calendar year 2023 awards. Nominations are due (postmarked) by 01/31/24. Award notifications will be sent out in February, 2024, with presentation at our annual awards luncheon, during the 2024 training conference.

WAWP has three award categories: the Mary Rita Ostrander Leadership Award, Woman Police Officer of the Year Award, and a Merit Award.  These awards provide an opportunity to recognize officers who have made sustained and significant contributions to the field of law enforcement over the course of their career.

A description of the criteria for each of the awards is below.  When making your nomination, please attach a letter or other documentation explaining why you believe this person is deserving of this award.  Letters should include a statement of the specific circumstances involving distinguished police performance which illustrate the individual’s outstanding qualities.  We encourage you to send supplemental material in support of your nominee such as: news articles, police reports and videos or any other information that will aid the Board of Trustees in selecting the most deserving recipients.  Please only include material that enhances and directly supports elements of the nomination not covered in the above narrative.

Please send your submission(s) by January 31st, 2024 to the WAWP Awards Committee  – WAWP, Attn: Past President T. Jokala, Award Committee, 809 S. Thompson Dr. Madison, WI 53716.  

Questions may be directed to the Award Committee Chair, WAWP Immediate Past President, T. Jokala – [email protected]

Click below to download the WAWP Service Award Nomination Form.

2024 WAWP Awards Nomination Packet

The Mary Rita Ostrander Leadership Award

 The award is to honor any WAWP member who is a certified law enforcement officer who has distinguished himself/herself as follows:

  • Made sustained and significant contributions to the field of law enforcement
  • Demonstrates specific continuous acts that support women in law enforcement
  • Has supported and served as a role model to women in law enforcement

Has distinguished themselves by:
1. Their day to day assignments
2. Dedication to one’s community or to the law enforcement profession above and beyond assigned work duties
3. Demonstrating work related act(s) within the past year of exceptional courage, leadership, initiative, innovation, and dedication.
4. Displays and maintains a professional demeanor and reputation

The Woman Officer of the Year Award

The award is to honor a female law enforcement officer who has exceeded the duty requirements expected of her position and has demonstrated a distinct pattern of community service coupled with professional achievement.

  • Displays and maintains a professional demeanor and reputation
  • Embodies a high moral character and demonstrates exemplary performance
  • Outstanding service and dedication
  • Outstanding leadership and devotion
  • Dedicated service and efforts that strive to help the community grow and flourish
  • Exceeded the duty or requirements expected of her duties and demonstrated a distinct form of community service

The Merit Award

The award is to honor an officer who has distinguished themselves by superior accomplishments or continuing long term involvement in, leadership of projects, which makes a significant contribution to the public safety of law enforcement.

  • Exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service and achievements
  • Exemplary service over a period of time, excellence in performing duties
  • Showing commitment and professionalism
  • Epitomize the role of law enforcement in their community